Take Control of Your Overgrown Property

Arrange for tree trimming services in St. Augustine, Fruit Cove, St. Johns, FL & surrounding areas

Your overgrown trees look like they belong in a sub-tropical jungle. Tidy up your outdoor space by turning to Yosemite Irrigation and Landscaping, Inc. for tree and shrub trimming services. By thinning out the branches and shaping your shrubs, we'll promote healthy growth in your yard.

Contact us today to schedule tree and shrub trimming services in the St. Augustine, Fruit Cove, St. Johns, FL & surrounding areas.

Why is tree maintenance so important?

If you want to elevate your curb appeal, consider having your trees professionally trimmed. The knowledgeable team at Yosemite Irrigation and Landscaping can do the job.

Regular tree trimming services can:

  • Improve the health of your trees
  • Boost your curb appeal
  • Prevent tree disease
  • Add value to your home
  • Tie different elements of your landscape together


We offer weekly tree trimming services to residents of St. Augustine, St. Johns, FL & surrounding areas. Call now to arrange for a no-obligation consultation.


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