Signs You Need Irrigation System Repair Services

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Signs You Need Irrigation System Repair ServicesWhen there is a problem with your irrigation system, much of the time, the issue is obvious. You might have a sprinkler head that’s broken and a fountain of water is erupting in its place, for example. There are other scenarios in which it might not be quite as obvious.

Remaining attentive to your landscaping and irrigation system is important if you are to reach out for irrigation system repair in a timely manner. Here’s what to watch for:

  • Increase in water bill
  • Decrease in water bill
  • Some areas of landscaping are not thriving
  • Some areas of landscaping are dying
  • Some areas of landscaping are too wet
  • Standing water
  • Not all sprinklers have water coming out of them or flow is diminished
  • Your grass is crunchy when you walk on it
  • You have wilting plants
  • You have yellowing plants

An irrigation system in trouble can produce either not enough or too much water, so it is important to watch for signs of either situation. Another option is to work with a commercial landscaping maintenance company that will keep close watch on all aspects of your landscaping, including taking care of irrigation system repair as needed. An irrigation specialist will be able to quickly resolve any problems you might be having.

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